Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Notes

Aaron, Sam and Lauren are The Notes,an Essex via East London band who infuse the best bits of C86-y sounds with a dark, literature rich lyrical content. Their sound is dark and sweet, like liquorish and just the right side of ethereal. Its all underpinned with rhythms tight as drum skins and spiked with noirishly sweet vocals.

The songs are born of bedsit boredom, and reach skyward for something, anything clever enough to relieve the ennui. They aim to save your life with 2 minute pop songs of warmth, darkness and imagination.

'Those days, those nights' is Joy Division via the sweet shop. All throbby bass and crisp drums and and crackly guitar. The vocal is so sweet it could rot your teeth and full of dreamy sadness. Its like a love letter you can dance to.

'Lighthouse' is a dreamy, shiny declaration of lurve. its charming and disarming and is the perfect soundtrack to walking around a drizzly city centre. Its also hey ho perfecto to sway eyes closed to.

'Summer love' is less Grease and more Factory. A short sharp stab of 80's bedsit romance pop that sounds like it was born in Manchester. On a Tuesday. In the rain. But in a good way.

Perhaps unsurprisingly judging by the title, 'Cult of the Hopeless' is almost goth. All foggy sounds and almost chanted vocals.

The songs are very short and darkly sweet. Like a kiss off a stranger who disappears before you can fall in love.

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  1. Hey Shaun
    love your taste in music.

    the notes have a new video for Cult of The Hopeless. Check it out here: