Friday, 30 April 2010

Birds of California

Formerly known as Tweefort, February Records have released a single by Massachusetts' Birds of California. They are something of a indiepop supergroup, containing members of Lunchbox and Magic Marker. Their music is true pop heaven, shiny, bright and brandishing chorus's that stick like glue to your ears and warm up your soul like a jacket potato eaten whilst christmas shopping.

'Saturday' is the middle track of three, and is sensibly infectious. You know when youre in a car on a gorgeous sunny day, and a track comes on that you dont normally like, but it some how fits and you find yourself singing along? Well, this like a track that you DO like in the same situation. By the time the trumpets kick in, you may have jaw ache from smiling. Its like Brian Wilson discovering fuzz.

The single can be downloaded free from here- but i would heartily recommend having a snoop at some of their new material on their myspace. Judging by these tracks ( in particular the fantastic 'Man of Affairs) their LP could be something very special indeed.

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