Friday, 11 June 2010

The Whatevers

There is a thing with bands, where you work ,and write, and toil and one day it just CLICKS. Leeds duo The Whatevers have well and truly broken through.

Describing their sound as a 'pop punk twee mess', what they actually make is a gorgeous boppy, fun sound with Edwyn Collins meets Emma Pocketbooks vocals. The lyrics are also pretty bloody good, real stories to sigh to on the bus, stories you have lived through yourself. And get this, there are lines you can actually laugh out load to. wow.

You can just tell this pair have put their blood, sweat, tears, pocket money and soul into this project. And its paid dividends. They really are quite special. They wear their indiepop badges on their sleeves and are all the better for it.

'Rhapsody in blue jeans' is a bona fide indiepop classic in waiting. I can just see seas of corduroy and hair clips bopping along to this at indiepop clubs and gigs all over the country. A kitchen sink drama that can laugh at itself. Brilliant.

'Awkward' is a rockier Orange Juice with endearingly self deprecating lyrics. Its just FUN.

But look, really, have a listen and have a download from their last fm. I promise you will be as charmed as i am.

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