Friday, 11 June 2010


A band containing members of Esiotrot and Hexicon,you would think, would be pretty brill. Say 'how do' then, to east London’s Tigercats. Imagine Darren Hayman fronting Sleepy Jackson with a Buzzcocks tribute bands excitable drummer and were pretty much there.

'Konny Huck' (see what they did there?) is an angular, dreamy little pop song, chock full of melodic riffing squeaks and superb drumming. Impressive and catchy in one basket.

'Stevie Nicks' is a slightly mellower affair, that bravely tries to tackle the shitty subject of post break up.

'Whitechapel boys' is a insanely catchy slice of thrashy pop fun, and my favorite track, a instantly memorable chorus thats under pined by squeaky keyboards.

All the above are available on their debut EP, available NOW on hair cut records.

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