Sunday, 6 June 2010

FAC off

I read with bemusement bordering on amusement the Guardian endorsed FUC51 blog. that sites Manchesters musical past as an 'albatross around the city's neck'. The berks.

The first thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the slagging off of member of New Order/The Stone Roses yet no bemoaning of Morrisseys playing of the MEN arena or Old Trafford. Funny that, could it be that old Moz is en vogue and Ian brown isn't?

Secondly, the kicking of Peter Hook. Now, i will admit i love the Factory story. I think its more romantic than Romeo and Juliet. And like most people i don't enjoy seeing it belittled and sold off. I see that on Ebay that you can get Tony Wilson t-shirts, Zippo's and , heaven preserve us, wrist watches. This, like Ian Curtis tours of Macclesfield, leaves me feeling uncomfortable. But Manchester's trouble is it cannot help but sell its myths. How people and can sit and watch 24 Hour Party People and Control and then moan that they draw people to the city is beyond me. And, us much as i hate it, there is money in the Factory/Hacienda name. And who is more deserving of a slice of that than Peter Hook? For gods sake, the worst that's happened is the city has gained another venue. Hardly something to sulk about is it? If you want to see a city crippled by its legacy look at Liverpool. They've based a tourist trade on it.

Thirdly, and this is what really pisses me off, is the whining about the Ian Brown gig. So fucking what? I don't fancy going to watch it either, so why not take advantage of the dozen or so gigs/nights/films etc that the city has to offer on the same night? Outside perhaps Glasgow, Manchester has the best venues, the best bands, the best records shops, the best crowds and the best attitude. It also has by far the most eclectic taste in Britain and the widest choice. Do me a favour and and spend a weekend in Crewe, or Shrewsbury, or Stoke, or Coventry or even a 'big' city like Bristol or Birmingham. You will, pretty soon, realise how spoiled for choice you are. Sitting and typing and moaning is not the Manchester way is it? If you don't like the gig, fine, put on your own. There's loads, fucking LOADS, of bands, venues and people to make it happen.

There was (maybe still is) a Northern Soul night on at the Thirsty Scholar on a Friday night, and every Friday night this bloke, a big fella, would go dressed exactly like Joe Strummer circa Combat Rock. He wouldn't do anything, he would just sit there with his missus and a pint of lager and just watch the people dancing. Now, im not going to judge him on what he does with his weekend, so why should i judge some middle aged man going Platt Fields hoping he does 'where Angels Play'?.

Honestly, Mancs. Don't know the're born.

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