Thursday, 10 June 2010

Captain Polaroid and the betamax conspiracy

Birmingham's own Captain Polaroid is a purveyor of delightfully lo-fi, fizzy little pop songs. Not that the songs lose anything in their papier mache transition, rather the down to earth dusty production charmingly frames the songs.

The short, bruised little songs are melodic little gems. The thrashy little 'The same rules always apply' is Graham Coxon like and is as direct as finger poked in the chest. 'A dream is dream is a lie' is as sweet and poppy as seriously lo-fi gets. Crackly and cracking. 'Wintertime ending' is a sweet folky treat that should gracefully end a thousand mix CD's.

Armed with a 4-track and a romantic soul, Captain Polaroid is going to come aboard your heart.

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