Wednesday, 19 May 2010

TomTom-Teenage Terraces forever

Most of you will have no idea who Tomtom is, but his passing has been felt deeply within the Teenage Fanclub family.

Tomtom was a poster on the TFC forum, who represented everything thats perfect about the music that we adore. A bright, funny man who would bend over backwards to turn you on to new music, often going WAY out of his way to do so. He was a guy who adored music, a gentleman and a true fan.

He was one of those guys, the sort you would see at every gig, a passionate man who loved nothing better than making you a CD to introduce you to a new artist, a new avenue, a new adventure.

We are quite spoiled, i think, in the world of indiepop in that we are lucky enough to rub shoulders with artists we admire. Its almost taken for granted that we can meet with/drink with/talk with the people who make our little world a better place, and its easy to forget the people who go out of their way to make that gig and to introduce us to certain bands.People like Tom are the lifeblood of our little corner of the music spectrum, and its crucial that people like him are not forgotten.

But, like i said, most of you will not know Tom, so i ask that you look at this thread, learn the lessons and strive to be a bit more like him. I wish our scene was full of people like Tom, but of course it isnt. But i think we should try to take a tiny piece of what he (and, essentially us) stood for into the future. God rest you ya eejit. You wont be forgotten


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