Sunday, 10 January 2010

When i was 12

For all the arguments about what is 'Twee' and our mutual love for all things saturated in mind fizzing NOISE, its always nice to hear some fresh cute music. Can we call it cute? Good.

Noo Joisey's When I Was 12 are a minty clean breath of fresh air. Wilfully silly, their brand of pop is sugary without being saccharine. Think Au Revoir Simone. Think Rose Melberg. Yes, their Indie-Folk is THAT good.

'Make believe hearts' could be an excitable Softies. With lines like "sometimes you like to smoke a cigarette/not around me/because I'll have an asthma attack" and "Nobody knows i cry when it snows" its hard not to swoon.
'S for subway' is feather soft road movie of a song. Full of ice cream and pizza and love metaphor, it would take a heart of stone not to be charmed. Love songs rarely come more honest or warming. Just lovely.
'Oh telephone wires' is a ballad-A FUCKING BALLAD!-about growing up and growing out of that certain someone. Heartbreaking nostalgia-noir.
'Black cat/white picket fence' is ridiculously lovely. Its like a song sung by snow-siren, child like and grown up at the same time. Its a bit scary how good this band could be.

I could go quote lyrics by this lot all day, but go listen yourself. The cynicism of Christmas is over, lets get romantic.

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