Monday, 11 January 2010

New Lucky Soul single-White Russian Doll

They are a funny old band Lucky Soul. Routinely coming up with the goods, be it in pure pop form (My Lips are Unhappy Without You, Ain’t never Been cool) or seriously seductive soul (Give Me Love) they have never really surfaced to the fan base or status that bands like Camera Obscura or Allo Darlin’ enjoy. Maybe they haven’t toured enough, maybe they haven’t been kissing the right asses. I don’t know.

We welcome them back after a fair old absence with the new single White Russian Doll, and an ambitious little bugger it is to. Its as if its been hand built to be played on the radio, from its opening burst of immediacy, to its catchy 60’s-ish dancability, to its Strokes-y riffs, to its hooky refrain of ‘No pressure at all…’, to its sudden ending, its been made to catch you ear, making it all sound like being hit by its pop rush. I guarantee you will dance to this song somewhere this summer.

On the flip is a LS sound we maybe more familiar with in Cryin’ in the Morning, its all petticoats and tear stained pillow cases. it’s a 50’s style doo-wop tear jerker that wouldn’t sound out of place at the enchanted dance under the sea. Very brittle and pretty.

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