Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Medusa Snare

Ive been barking on about lots of old stuff of late, so it time to talk about some great new music, so lets start with MEDUSA SNARE. They are half of Manhattan Love Suicides. And by the sounds of it, it the nosier side.
Fans of MLS may miss the 60's girl pop-punk, but the band make up for it with a whole sleeve full of influences. At the forefront of these are the Jesus and Mary Chain, but the melodic, hushed voiced side rather than the feedback soaked.

'This not a war' is superb. mary chain fuzzy and poppy, is like being kissed by someone beautiful with mouth full of sherbert. its fiffs are as hooky as its chorus. Brill stuff.
'SlowMotion' is a delicious slice of minimalist shoe gaze. Quiet yet noisy with a riff to die for. And those drums!
'Belenkaya' is a snare drum filled assault. Finely tuned and melodic, its silver noise rather than white.
'Monster' is much quieter, reflective affair and could have proudly graced a Sarah Records release. Yup, its that good. Just the rights side of catchy, with a vein of light feedback and more of that gorgeous riffage.

Overall, the band have a feel that's oddly American, like a band the BJM would befriend. But well worth checking out.

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