Monday, 18 January 2010

The Fauns

Bristol's' The Fauns, some would have you believe, are shoe gaze. Whilst that opinion is true, after listening to the album 'Faun', you cant help feeling such a label is misleadingly simplistic.
All the joyous rush of MBV, early Ride etc are there in the grooves, but the band offer a more satisfying wholeness, a more pleasing pop peek. Imagine the sedative-serene slipstream of early Spiritualized, but less druggy and with a kitten soft vocal (courtesy of Alison Garner) and you can almost grasp the cotton wooled slow-burn of their music.
Where the band hits the heart, where other bands completely miss, is their breathtaking mix of their sound. Rather having a wall of feedback massaging the brain, its the very sublte, very deft blend of 5 instruments all playing different things that lifts the soul. Its the reaction of instruments becoming one mass lushly textured sound. Man.
'Cool stuff', to me, is their sound at its very peek. Ive read elsewhere what good headphone music they make, but I'm afraid i disagree. It sounds much better pouring out a speaker like a metallic waterfall. I may have just sounded like a hippy, but listen to it and you will see what i mean.
'Understand' is more evident of their love of shoe gaze. Poppy, light with a thinly disguised C86 jangle. Pretty.
'Black sand' is bordering on sinister. All noirish electronica, it would make a very good soundtrack to dream about tanks.
You could pick up '1991' with your little finger its so light, superbly dreamy.

Sound track to the best dream you've ever had? Very possibly. Recommended? Highly.

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