Monday, 18 January 2010

Sylvie Vartan

I was at work the other day, and one of my work mates had stuck on one of those 'Classic Gold' type radio stations. You know the sort, the ones that dips every song into a kind of grey fug, and you're guaranteed to hear 'Downtown' by Petula Clarke or 'Massachusetts' by the BeeGees once every 15 seconds. Anyway, it put me in the mood for some REALLY good 60's pop, and Ms.Vartan was the first CD i picked up.
As far as i can gather, Sylvie Vartan was to 60's France what Robbie Williams is to the UK now. A bit of a princess of the people, but with tunes. Oh what tunes.
Full of swing and a certain type of cool that cant be aped by Austin Powers, her records are far too many to start recommending here. But check out the compilation 'Irresistiblement:1965-68' and the FABULOUS site here- and fill your Chelsea boots.

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