Friday 18 December 2009

New 'Allo darlin' free download

Fortuna pop love you. They must do, or why else would they let you have a download of the new 'Allo Darlin' 7" for absolutely nish?

'Polaroid' is lovely, motown-y little shindig of a single. Its a real statement of how far the lovely. Elizabeth and the crew have come. Imagine Camera Obscura's 'French Navy' but slimmer and shimmyer. "i feel like dancing on my own/ to a record i do not know/ in a place Ive never seen before". Oddly, that's the exact effect the record has.

on the flip is 'Will you please spend new years eve with me?' a sweet, shy, little pleader some of you may remember from her set in Nottingham, or indeed the demo form her last Xmas release. Very seasonal, very beautiful. Get you copy here:-

and you can actually buy the single on 7" from here:-

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