Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Jealous Sea

From San Fransisco, duo The Jealous Sea ( ronardo p. recacho & taylor b. crawley)are the sort of band who release their songs on super limited edition EP's on super little labels, so you may have to resort to myspace to hear their doe-eyed songs about crushes and the like. But its well worth a visit.
'Exes and Ohs' is a slinky shimmy of a song, its longing, lovelorn lyric seeks sympathy from the Suedehead-esque battle of riffs beneath it. Its boy/girl vocals melt together to give the music what-for. And the middle eight is exquisite. A charming and accomplished song.
'Past the Grey' is a delight, its Comet Gain goes Felt tips strum and jangle fits the subtle, breathy almost Sundays-esque vocals like a velvet lined glove. Its 'Bahbaddabah' backing vocal and, again, a fantastic middle eight are other treats.
'Moving Targets' is reminiscent of early Camera Obscura. Its lyrics and vocals gaze longingly at the sky for someone to 'L.O.V.E' while Lucksithsy jangle underpins the whole thing gorgeously. Here's hoping im on the ball next time they release something, and lets hope its soon.


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  1. thanks so much for the support, shaun! much love, ronnie & taylor