Monday, 21 December 2009

The San Marinos

From Sweden, The San Marinos are Anna and Daniel, and they write yer usual tweepop but with a (probably unsurprisingly) European slant. Their D.I.Y recordings wave off such dinosaur stuff as 'Feel' and 'Riffs' but search lovingly and longingly for the perfect melodic pop-rush.

'Half a million' is a fizzy as cherryade and almost as tasty. A poem to parties and peace, its about love baby. Too danceable to be protest and too happy to be hippy, its a daisy chain of a song. John Lennon would love it.
'Guess how much i love you' is a bleepy electro-swirler, all snap, crackle and glitter, with a bass-line of solid teak. A song made to hold hands to, its a heart salad with a side order of self doubt.
'On our way' is sleeky, lush little song. A twinkling stare out of the window. A song to daydream too and no mistake.

The self-prophesizing 'We're beautiful' is a fuzzy dash of quirk pop. Its sheer, sheer love is self evident and strangely moving. Its a funny thing, listening to lots of music and trying to find what effects us and whats worth listening too and all that, but its really, really moving to hear people put so much effort into their craft. Its like watching football really, we don't mind signing a clogger, if they put in as much effort as possible and make the odd audacious tackle.

The San Marinos are no cloggers. They write clumsy, pretty, inspiring, music. They are a band that's hard not to love.

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