Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Manchester picture niceness

The martyrdom of Saint Tony and When Johnny met Steven by Pete McKee
As the time for presents gets ever nearer, here's a few ideas for the Manc or music fan in your life (or even a treat for yourself). Pete McKee is a Sheffield artist with a collection called 'Great moments in Manchester Music'. His quirky, cartoony paintings are both serious and silly, and train spotter friendly. And would look ace in my bedroom.


Not quite as serious, but no less sublime is the collection of Smiths/Morrissey pictures by Stephen Wright, who was the photographer responsible for the famous 'Salford lads club' picture on the gate fold of 'The Queen is Dead' and the rear of 'Strangeways...' amongst others. His work is currently beautifully displayed in Piccadilly records, and is very, very tempting.


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