Sunday, 1 November 2009


its hard to say what the difference is between the stuff i want to write about on here and the stuff i dont. recently, i got sent a list by a PR company steering me towards a couple of their bands that they wanted me to write about. one was alright(i may write about him on here when i haven't wrote about so many singer/songwriters), one was a frankly awful mockney punky kate nash minus the tunes. the students will lap it up. the last band puzzled me. all the elements where there. tunes, niceness, good lyrics. but something about them put me on edge. then it dawned on me. they are trying WWWWAAAYYYYY too hard. trying too hard to sound like something a PR company would pick up. trying too hard to be the band of the summer on radio one. reeling and in need of having my hopes hugged again, i turned to Pocketbooks.

hailing from London, Pocketbooks are one of those bands the effortlessly radiate charm. they are just so natural. they cant help making you smile, bless 'em. you wouldn't catch this lot trying too hard, they simply dont have too.

the tunes? its all breezy grown up tinkly POP crafted with love, sugar and sunshine. their songs are all sweetly told stories. you know, with a beginning, a middle and an end. how rare is that these days? the sort of band you could fall asleep to just as easily as you could greedily listen to the lyrics on the train, devouring every words and wonderfully put phrase. imagine kitchen sink with the emphasise on kitsch.

which songs? breezy and wonderful, i would recommend them all, but beginners could do worse than check out 'Waking up', the phenomenally charming 'Fleeting moments' and 'The first world record'. prepare to be have your socks charmed off.

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