Sunday, 1 November 2009

Daniel J Nixon

just as every November the 5th will see some poor sod blow his hand off with a firework and Saturday nite TV will always be appalling to the point of patronising, there will always be sensitive young men in cool shirts pouring their red-wine souls out via a gently strummed acoustic guitar. Daniel J Nixon is that sort of chap, only a chap who's talent is very close to matching his ambition.

his calming, rustic deep sighs of soothing songs a very finely crafted recalling in parts Nick Drake and Sam Hammond(look him up, its worth it).

'Hide and Seek' is an achy, nostalgic song full of longing. 'First snow of winter' is calm and so frosty you can almost see your breath icing on a window pane. lovely. pick of the bunch is 'Turn this stone', a lovely waltz of a song. So gorgeous it could have almost been written by a woman. its a treat, classic and contemporary at the same time and full of gentle hooks.
next time you're on your last glass of red and down to your last cigarette, give him a listen.

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