Monday, 2 November 2009

Leaving Mornington Crescent

people, boring people, who like to take silly amounts of drugs and stand in the middle of field with 500 strangers pretending they are enjoying themselves will tell you that, when it comes to dancing, 10 minute remixes are the way to go. they are talking cobblers, and i can prove it. Swedish poppers Leaving Mornington Crescent will (on the excellent 'keep your hands off me') have you all danced out in just 51 seconds. its like an SAS assault on your pop sensibility, straight in, do the job, and out. no messing. 'what if you' is a sighing pop dancer, all kittenish vocals and feather light hooky riffs. the comparatively epic 'april song' (clocking a weighty 2:47)is a rustic, rural charmer, with icicle piano chords and a flutey, springtime chorus that really makes life suddenly seem a whole lot better.
"the air is clean/the grass is green/every ones holding hands and so are we/i feel laughter and expectations on every ones faces/i dont believe in rainy days" . cant argue with that can you?


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    Many thanks for the good records, I liked the ballboy a lot (did not know them).

    Keep it up, also in 2010!

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