Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sarabeth Tucek

Many years ago, i used to go out with a girl lived on a farm. Based in the middle of nowhere, her house boasted her huge bedroom. For some reason, maybe it was the peacefulness or the romantic isolation or the quiet scenery, but for some reason, hushed, serious music always sounded better in her room. Sometimes i here an artist and think “this would sound amazing in Amanda’s room. Sarabeth Tucek is just such an artist.
I’m ashamed to say i only heard of her because she used to go out with Anton Newcombe from the BJM. (although, in my defence, her whole press strategy was based on this fact).
Her music is quiet and engrossing, bewitching and seductive. Imagine Joni Mitchell being in the velvet underground and you’re half way there. ‘Something for you’ is typical of her tangy folk songs and recalls Sandy Denny. It is perfect post work-kettle on music. ‘Stillborn’ is just astonishing. Hats off here to producer Ethan Johns. As he does a few times, he rescues ‘Stillborn’ out of a samey singer/songwritery bog by making the chorus gently explode. The whole thing washes over you like a friendly tide. It would make a wonderful soundtrack to watching rain slowly flow down a window pane. In a good way. ‘Home’ is a mini masterpiece, a song that melts together string laden piano balladry and Americano jangly geetar. Dark, rich, and playful, Sarabeth Tucek’s music is worthy of your research.

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