Monday, 21 September 2009

Red Shoe Diaries

for people of a certain age(i.e. me)the name red shoe diaries brings back a clammy, red faced feeling, as it was the name of a very naughty, late night programme of pillow soft 'erotica' featuring david duchfingymajig off the x-files and some tastefully filmed rudeness. er, probably...honestly, the things we watched before they invented the Internet.

anyway-luckily nottinghams red shoes diaries are out to bring the name back into polite society with their sophisticated strand of indiepop. the stirring 'fireflies at dawn' features a coffee stained riff pinning down a daydream-on-the-bus chorus. its a lovely autumn soundtrack.
the gorgeous 'jesus dont care' is a pretty unapologetic shrug of a love song, the beaming positivity fighting out with the downbeat lyrics on the almost maddeningly catchy chorus.
the quietly angsty 'underage disco' is oddly sexy with a typically addictive chorus. i would wager that someone in the band has spun 'the best of the beach boys' a few times. they are not an obvious influence, but the talent of writing a hooky chorus has seeped through the grooves.

red shoe diaries are not a band you want to take for a drink, but one you want to take home and cook for.

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  1. Lords, I was right to buy their cd at Popfest. Can't do anything but listening to Underage Disco again and again. At this very second, that's no less than the best song in the world for me.