Monday, 21 September 2009

the platers-the second between spark and flame EP on indie mp3 records

the latest release form the enviably reliable indiemp3 records is the superb EP by London post punkers the platers. layerd with a thick mid-80's dust(no bad thing)the EP is a worthy investment.
the title track of the impressively structured release is a slow burning beauty with a seriously pretty chorus with pin-picked chords and a vocal that recalls a working mans club Bowie going to the lesser free trade hall in 1977.
the moody 'unwise', with its lamenting lyrics and two chord backbone, recalls the doors's robbie kreiger jamming with echo and the bunnymen. classy and noir and mustily sad.
my favourite track here is the jaunty, 'lets take the world tonight, johnny' which is exhilarating to the point of exhaustion. its like being taken to town by a pissed up nice uncle. it makes you want to get up and do SOMETHING.its the sort of song that spills pints at gigs.
the set is delicately, classily closed with 'down the works' a dreamy, atmospheric stare-out-the-train-window treat. day dreamy and disarming, its a lullaby for the doomed.

the label has done itself proud again, this EP is a cracker. its released TODAY and is available from here-

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