Monday, 21 September 2009


Autumn is ace. oh yes it is. its officially the end of summer, so no more pretending to have a good time at 'BBQs' that are trying desperately to look like the barbeque's in lager adverts. everything about autumn is cool. people look better(shoes replace flop flops, jumpers and cardigans are pulled out to pull over t-shirts, cords replace shorts.), the pubs are full of good people, you are still far away from christmas to feel comfortable, the colours are better, the stars are always out. its more romantic full stop.

and apart from a myriad of new records and tours to look forward too( POBPAH, the school, spiritualized and new ballboy related stuff to name but a few) and a readily ripening football season we also have peep show back(a return that worryingly saw me fall to my knees weeping in pure, pure gratitude), an exhibition of my favourite photographer(francesca woodman) in my favourite gallery(manchester) and even a film worth going to the pictures for in '500 day of summer' (a fairly decent soundtrack AND Zooey Deschanel, who essentially a bright, witty, katy perry with the best dress sense in the world. its impossible not to have a little crush on her. shes even named after a character in a jd sallinger book, i would marry her for that fact alone).

theres something comforting about autumn, and i for one am glad its back.

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