Thursday, 24 September 2009

Paisley and Charlie

sometimes you find fantastic things completely by accident. i was going to write a post about 'la la lu' by cilla black(i probably still will so breath a sigh of relief cilla-ettes) when i fluked across a cover of said track on youtube. complete with fenn street gang video, the cover is the work of sleek, slinky, sixties duo paisley and charlie. second cousins of saint etienne, theirs is a world of crackly 45's, double decker annuals, smart jumpers, white tights and too much tizer. a lovely world of black and white sit-coms, sunday matinees and dancing with a transistor to you ear.

the music is dreamy, dramatic, demure and hushed. 'Stars' is string soaked thing of real, honest to goodness beauty, a song about lost love and regret. woozy and sad, its like coming down after a break up in a bond film. or a soundtrack to dancing with an ex of their wedding day, feeling sad after too much champers.
'emily and mabeline' is a acid tinted folk song, childlike and day dreamy while 'snow blitz' is an unashamed pop song-all flirty eye lashes and dancefloor chorus.
'withnail and i' is a relaxing and recharging as a rubber duck assisted bubble bath, and there is a dramatic sweep to the ethereal, rustic 'the waltz'.

get yer peepers and lugholes on this little lot why dont ya?

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  1. Wow! this is the first time I've heard all these new songs from Paisley & Charlie. And I have to say it's definitely a progression for the Prince & Princess of pure pop.

    Love this very geeod blog and the music of Paisley & Charlie. Thanks for letting us know about these 2 great people. Top of the class you all go.