Friday, 7 August 2009


Call me fey. Call me easily pleased. but I'm not impressed by a Slash-esque guitar shredding, i turn my nose at 14 minute 'epic' drum solo' i scoff at an 18 octave warbling voice. But give me a band who can make a kazoo sound dreamy and I'm all ears. Queens of Norwich, Scraps are just such a band. With voices so subtle and gentle as feather falling from a storks back and harmonies that could melt a marble, they sound childish and innocent whilst being other worldly and strange. 'Dream horse' is such a song. Its like a lullaby that sends you into a fever dream. Its beautiful and bewitching. 'Roadkill' is a shockingly lovely ode to a dead animals. its sickening and sweet in equal measures. Scraps play the Buffalo Bar on the 14th of August. go get spooked.

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