Saturday, 22 August 2009

Mascot fight

Shunning twee flickering of the eye lashes and sacking off hiding behind big softie scarfs and pretending to be shy, MASCOT FIGHT are a beardy(well, one of them at least. they are not, alas, zz top) antidote to the failed performance art wing of the indiepop circuit. guitars jangle and eyes twinkle, but you wouldn't put money of these fellows owning a teddy bear. 'terry is Chicago sun' off latest LP 'pantomime hearse' is typical of their sound, a sweet jangly shuffle with guitars not a million miles away from the Cavalcade. more interesting is 'play the meat head anthem' which is whole much more juicier affair, with fuzzy guitars and drums like you may remember from every indie band from 1992, and even a tiny sliver of shouting. poppy without being foppy, mascot fight are treat that may ruin your appetite.

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