Saturday, 22 August 2009

my teenage stride

another band form the slightly darker side of the indiepop rainbow, Brooklyn's MY TEENAGE STRIDE push the fader a little more towards indie than your actual bona fide old pop. not that there are not divine pop moments in their cannon, the chimey guitars and bubbly drums on 'heart shackles' and the two note organ stab on 'cast your own shadow' are really lovely stuff. what makes them a bit more unique are the wonderful vocals, all, if not whiskey soaked, then at least wet by a good bottle of uncorked red. its the sort of voice that just wouldn't work with an English band. it switches with ease from Ozzy Osbourne's little brother ('theme form a teenage suicide') to the comfortingly eyes-closed gentle ('Cygnus transit-mem'). perhaps more BJM than B&S, my teenage stride are dreamy and cigar-smoke creamy.

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