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cavalcade interview

the cavalcade are a Preston band who are rapidly making a very good impression both on the UK tour circuit and with their releases,their gorgeous debut EP 'meet you in the rain' is gathering a mass of fans thanks to word of mouth and a dash of Northern suss. Brilldream caught up with Craig and Stephen from the band in a dusty northern library. shhhh!

BRILLDREAM:hello, firstly, can you tell us how the cavalcade formed?

CRAIG: We have been friends since college, and have jammed together for a long time. In early 2009 we decided to record some music, which became the Meet You In The Rain EP, after that came the gigs.

BRILLDREAM:your sound is quintessentially northern english, yet your live dates seem to encompass the capital as much as manchester. is southern recognition an ambition for the band, and is 'northerness' something you embrace?

STEPHEN: I guess when I started booking gigs I just thought a nationwide tour was what bands did... I emailed a few venues around the country, but it was mainly just the ones in London and Manchester that got back to me, although we did end up playing one random gig in a village called Warsop in the midlands... I think a lot of venues in other cities tend not to put small out of town bands on. I’ve always liked London as well - my sister moved there about 10 years ago and I’ve visited her quite a few times and always enjoyed it. People seem quite supportive of new music there and I think, given the size of the place, music like ours is maybe more likely to find an audience...

CRAIG: Our sound has that Northern feel to it because we are Northern. But the bands that we love come from all over.

BRILLDREAM:your lyrics touch on death, loneliness, quiet despair and a longing to escape. are you afraid of being lumped in with the smiths in reviews and is preston really that bad?

CRAIG: My lyrics are influenced by a myriad of different things. Some parts my own life, other parts from films and books. Preston isn't bad at all really, its just your typical Northern town. Its only as dull as you make it. Luckily, I am quite happy sometimes to sit and watch the rain, and it makes for good imagery in songs. As far as the smiths thing goes, I really never thought about it that much, in terms of lyrics.

BRILLDREAM:was there a single moment that made you want to be a musician?

CRAIG: I remember it being frustrating when I first decided that I wanted to be a musician, simply because you have to learn to play an instrument! I wanted to be a musician ever since I got into music seriously back in High School.

STEPHEN: I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t want to be a musician... but I just like creating things really - as a kid, I tried my hand at various art-forms and was universally awful at all of them. Music’s the only thing I stuck at long enough to develop any skills in really (and it took a long time...)

BRILLDREAM:who are you favourite bands, and are they an influence on your sound?

CRAIG: Felt, The Loft, The Servants, The Wake, The Sound, The Pastels, The Clientele... Each of our influences have a big effect on our sound, but its usually easier for people outside of the band to tell.

BRILLDREAM:are there any bands you've seen on tour that we should check out?

STEPHEN: We’re going to be playing with quite a few good bands next month – we're really excited to be supporting Ohbijou in Manchester, and I’m looking forward to seeing Come on Gang in Glasgow and Arthur and Martha in London too! I saw the recently reformed Wild Swans in Liverpool last month and that was pretty amazing as well.

BRILLDREAM:ideally, whats your biggest ambition for the cavalcade?

CRAIG: We'd love to have more than 5 people (who like us) at a gig!

STEPHEN: That is true... but honestly, I think we'd just like to make some great music!

BRILLDREAM:finally, whats your favourite book, item of clothing and cheese? and whats the best birthday present youve ever received?

CRAIG: Book: House of Leaves, Trout Fishing in America, Valis, The Crying of Lot 49
Item of Clothing: My brown chords
Cheese: Gruyere

STEPHEN: Hmm... I find it hard to pick a favourite book, but my favourite author at the moment is Haruki Murakami and my favourite book of his is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, so I guess I’ll say that. I’m not really a big clothes person, to be honest – I buy a new item of clothing only every few years... but I guess my favourite at the moment is a green jacket I bought recently, which I’ve pinned a few badges to and I think looks kind of cool (although I’m not sure it entirely fits me...) My favourite cheese would be a creamy Lancashire. As for a birthday present, the most obvious one that comes to mind would be my guitar!

thanks for your time chaps!

the calvacade play the following dates. why dont you go see what all the fuss is about?

3rd sept-manchester night and day
11 sep-the mill, preston
12 sep-saki bar, manchester
17 sept-the captains rest, glasgow
24 sept-brixton jamm, london

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