Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Eux autres

everything is sexier in france, from their filthy, flirty accent that gets all the boys a quiver on their school trips to their frankly phallic 'bread'. luckily, four peice EUX AUTRES(pronounced ooz-oh-tra apparently) are actually from san fancisco, but you would never know. they sing in french and everything. their songs are lightly grungey in vaselines kind of way, and on the whole, fantastic. with chorus's that are a big and bouncy whilst being understated and cool. singer Heather's vocals are just a seductive in english as in french. its quite hard, i think, not to fall in love with their songs.

aux autres are one of those bands that, the more you listen, the more you adore. their cover of springsteens 'my love will not let you down' is of a quality i haven't enjoyed in ages( the whole thing just WORKS)and if you can listen to the chorus of 'you're alright' without bouncing and grinning, you should consult a doctor immediately. but somehow that sentence doesn't do the band justice. the entire songs are lovingly crafted and very special. eux autres are a band who clearly love what they do, and they do it fantastically. i should sign of with some french cliche pun like 'beret good', but fuck that, eux autres are sea breeze breath of fresh air and deserve our respect. this really could be love.



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