Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My laundry life

masterwork of André Daners, MY LAUNDRY LIFE are a dreamy antidote to workaday boredom. with a studied, stare-out-of-the-window C86 sound, they hug your ears with a slow burning charm.
'when your work is done' is a beat-drum backed slice of go-betweens indie that must have been designed under special conditions to be listened to on a battle grey rainy day. 'stones' makes me think of two lovers peering over the tops of their books at each other in a candle lit bedroom. its a love song for lonely librarians. great stuff. 'be yourself' with guest vocals by Teresa is like being tickled to orgasm by isobel campbell while a traschcan sinatra's LP crackles on the dansette. my laundry life are like a hot cup of sweet tea in a bedsit on a winters morning. DAZzling stuff.


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