Saturday, 4 July 2009

Help Stamp Out Loneliness

As Mancunian as red brick buildings and cheap bitter, Help Stamp Out Loneliness could well be MCR’s best kept secret. Their day dreamy music(complete with Smiths-esque bass lines) are the perfect platform for D. Lucille Campbell’s icy Nico-light vocal. They are a more metallic, more urban Long Blondes.
‘I'm on fire’ could get the Fonz hot under the collar, with its sexy back beat and ice queen vocal and naughty-but-tasteful lyrics. A perfect track for seducing a nice robot.
‘pacific trash vortex’ is a more full on attack. It could be a swayey, synth pop Smiths.
Intriguing, familiar and unique, Help Stamp Out Loneliness are definitely ones to watch. “oh you silly thing/take my heart away”. I couldn’t agree more.

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