Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Cavalcade

As northern as a branch of Greggs, Preston three piece Cavalcade's warming sound evokes images of a white hot sun peeking through lead grey clouds. their evocative lyrics are full of fear and comfort and quiet despair.

'voices' sounds a bit like a less Blur-y The Dears with its gorgeous chimey guitars and almost Trashcan Sinatra like chorus.

'meet you in the rain', the title track of their latest EP, is even better. Full of Spanish guitars that are more Marr than Madrid, its chorus gingerly bubbles with slow burning immediacy. the effect is that of having your heart politely pick pocketed. this is a great little band, and are definately ones to watch.

'rooftops and chaotic streets' is full of ringing guitars and desperate vocals, the perfect soundtrack staring out of a rainy train window as you go through Crewe station. it sounds strangely like going home.


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