Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Play People

shaun brillream, it would appear, should have gone to specsavers. or deaf aid saver. or something. he has absolutely no excuses for missing the play people. sometimes i don't deserve eyes. or ears.

'feel good' is like a rush of a song you daydream to make a car journey go quicker if you forgot your walkman. with heart swelling gushy guitars, and drums like they SHOULD be played, loud and boppy, all of this felt-tipped colour washed by a lovely wash of synth and bleepyness. its impossible not smile and nod along too it. it even has the line 'kisskisskiss like you mean it'. its perfect pop.

'goes out' is like saint etienne without the boring dance bits. 60's ish but not obvious. a nite out of a record that makes you daydream about doing something brilliant. it also possesses the finest middle eight this side of the smiths and fade out-y chorus catchier than a cold in alasaka.

stop playing around, lego of the past and check this band out NOW!


(dont worry, that is the right link, i had to check twice mind)

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