Monday, 20 July 2009

Am i still ill? BoNo...

blame U2. have you seen that bloody U2 advert? sweet jesus its abhorrent. they where at least amusing when they were trying to be the Strokes. this is just awful. who the hell would watch that and buy a blackberry? and were they not bumming the Apple dollar ten minutes ago?


i thought i would cleanse myself with a bit of youtube nostalgia. this came up first, its so pure and full of goodness. if this was a food i would eat it all day long and never get 'the eyebrow' off my girlfriend.

after watching that, i felt a bit of this was in order. there's something about the trumpets on this song that get me every time. it makes it all seem so glorious. also, look out for the smile on Ed Balls face when he strokes the keys, and Martin Carr's 'macca with a lager' thumbs up at the end.

and lastly(from the same glasto as above) is a song even i could dance too. just the ticket for cheering oneself up after seeing our mate Bono trying to be 16. really, this post should have been put up on a day it was pissing down. oh well.

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