Friday, 3 July 2009

Allo, darlin'

Allo, darlin’ is the love child of London based Australian Elizabeth Darling. Her songs are as pretty as a party dress and ukulele led, with a vocal as warming as a nice cup of tea on a winters morning in November. ‘Emily’ is a girl-pop charmer, a kitchen sink drama about a girl trying pinch our heroines boyfriend. The lyrics are wonderfully down to earth(‘did he lend you his books and DVD’s/ British comedies that we never get on our telly?/well he gave them to me too/back when I was you’).
Another favourite is the pleading ‘Will You Please Spend New Years with Me’. its an irresistible offer of a night away from the news years eve puke filled Babylon, and instead playing monopoly in bed. The line ‘I’ve been trying to think positively/about taking up new activities/I’ll do Yoga and learn Chinese/play accordion/and eat my peas’ puts a right lump in my throat. Bless.

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