Friday, 3 July 2009

Comet gain

Formed in 1992, comet gain are something of a veteran player on the indie circuit. With Kerouac as bigger influence than kingmaker, their output can be a little schizophrenic. A case in point is ‘Jack Nance Hair’ the first track of their recent best-of ‘broken record prayers’, which starts with a women reading beat poetry over a background of strummy guitars, then as it blossoms, without warning it explodes into a man singing the most life affirming chorus ever(‘Don't worry about the future/You gotta make your passion/The present is only bleeding/You gotta stop your mewling/Get that meaning?/Let your feelings show!’).
Another highlight is ‘you can hide your love forever’ a heart lifting story of a love born of mix tapes, with lyrics of beautiful attention to detail(‘she lives on Friends and literature/she lived in France and Scotland’).
A great introduction is the double a-side 7” single ‘love without lies/books of California’. the former is an indie disco classic in the making, the perfect song to drink a pint in a club, whilst trying to look as cool as possible too. It also has a great video(there’s something PERFECT about the shot at 2.05). The latter is a lovely lilting slice of la-la-la perfection, with a sweet chorus and lovely cod-druggie lyrics(‘blue skies under ice-cream clouds/the hawk like monster still dreams out loud for me). Go buy.
(check out 2.05)

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