Friday, 3 July 2009

Britta Persson

Big in her home of Sweden, britta persson is a writer of catchy, arty pop., like a Scandinavian gemma hayes or an art school beth Orton. Her lyrics are sometimes a little lost in translation, which lends them a certain wonky charm (‘The music we were listening to, it is still my favorite music/It brings forth other feelings though,/it is nice to be this much alive’ from winter tour.). You know exactly what she means, but never heard it quite expressed that way. Some of them are weirdly poetic (‘I met one of the guys today, one of two with biblical names’ again from winter tour, and ‘and in a year or two, three four, will we be in love or in a war?’ from cliffhanger.). What is well, well worth a look is the lovely, strange video to ‘winter tour’. what in the name of flannels is going on?

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