Thursday, 22 January 2009

Caz Mechanic

‘The drummer out of Seafood’ sounds like an insult bandied about by the NME circa 1999. Caroline Banks (aka Caz Mechanic) is your actual drummer from Seafood. Describing her sound as ‘Moe Tucker-knickerless’, its more accurately described as a cross between Its Jo and Danny and Laura Marling. Its eccentric, dreamy, lo-fi folk, with all manner of beautiful and bizarre sounds floating in the back ground. Its perfect music to listen to whilst writing a letter, or staring out of the window with shades on, waiting for your lift to turn up on a nice summers day. ‘Go home’ in particular is a treat. It sounds like The Sundays in a K-hole. Her album, the revealingly titled ‘The Secret Life Of The Wife Of The Captain Of The Ship In a Bottle On The Mantle Piece’ is out now on Big Potato records, but I would recommend trying out her 7” EP ‘Go Home’ first. She’s quite an acquired taste. Bless her.

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