Friday, 23 January 2009

Town Bike

Town Bike are a 4-piece from Liverpool offering bratty pop-punk with a twist. Their sound is that of a fuzzed tone guitar being run down a pair of ripped tartan tights under a school uniform with a Ramones badge on the lapel. Underneath the fizzy Buzzcocks meets Bis racket singer Sarah’s(doing her drama degree outside TB business. Bless her) vocals hint at posh-girl-gone-bad and wouldn’t sound out of place next to Elizabeth Darling. The jam in the whole do-nut is some brilliantly daft lyrics. They are either defiantly dumb or a work of some evil genius. Take, for example, this gem from Bad Girls-”So, yeah, nobody’s perfect/And baby that’s just not going to be/Tell them they can get rid of your Star Wars toys/They aint getting rid of me.”-Brilliant. Or ‘Dougie’, an ode to er, Dougie from McFly. Its chorus screams about how he is ‘Fucking fit’ and her mates who think Danny is the fittest are ‘Full of shit’. Put the Radiohead album away, and pop this lot on instead. They will cheer you right up, promise.

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