Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The School


The school are a 7 pronged star of pretty, dancey, indie-pop from Cardiff. Fronted by former Love Liz White, The School are lazily(if, to be far, accurately) lumped into the B&S/Camera Obscura basket. But their sound offers a respite from the grey and drizzle of pre-spring. Imagine The Supremes dancing dizzily at a birthday party after eating too many cola cubes. With trumpets. Fun huh?

With an LP being promised for release this year, get yourself behind them before everyone else does. Debut single ‘All I wanna do’ (released on limited edition bubble gum pink vinyl. My kind of band.) is a gentle, dreamy shangra la through such ruminations as drunken chums, shit jobs, and being in love. it’s a sweet treat that wont ruin your appetite.

‘Let it slip’ is jump up and down/drunk too much tizer type of record, combining northern soul with caramel baking vocals and a chorus you will be humming in your sleep. Its impossible not to dance to this song. You may even find yourself doing handclaps. If you break your furniture by twirling dizzily too it, don’t come running to me.

All I wanna do

Let it slip


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