Friday, 30 April 2010

Bourgeois Heroes

Right, lets not mess around, Bourgeois Heroes are brilliant. Hailing form New England, the somehow take all of your favourite records and put them through some sort of amazing B&S/Pulp filter. Sophisticated, clever indiepop is go. Its like someone has designed a band for listening to on the bus. Effing marvelous.

'The Boy at the Record Store' is a proper old fashioned character song, musically invoking everyone from the Beatles via B&S, Ballboy and Roy Orbison. It even has a girl spoken word bit. Its like a music loving librarians wet dream.

'I Wanna Be Nice To You' sounds all the world like a jam between the Doors and the Beach Boys gone twee. Try and listening without giving it a bit of a Ringo hair shake during the chorus. i challenge you!

'Musical Postcards' is a bloody waltz. A lovely, string embedded baroque number with china fragile vocals and a pretty, 60's-ish chorus. Really interesting, ambitious stuff.

They shift between psychedelia and skiffle with an absolute ease. This band is a little bit special, dont take my word for it, check them out here-
and get yourself a CD. Its under a fiver in English money.