Friday, 5 March 2010

Schools out! Well, nearly...

Brilldream faves The School are almost ready to unleash their much delayed debut album on the world. 'Loveless Unbeliever' is released in Spain, Korea, Mexico, Canada and the USA in April with the UK getting a release in May. It will, however, be available to buy at the March tour. Yay! The track listing is thus-

1. Let It Slip
2. Is He Really Coming Home?
3. Valentine
4. I Want You Back
5. Is It True?
6. I Love Everything
7. Can't Understand
8. The One Who Left Me
9. Hoping and Praying
10. Summer's Here
11. Shoulder
12. All I Wanna Do
13. I Don't Believe in Love

Those who have bought releases by The School will notice they already own a few of these songs, but nevermind. The BIG news is that there will be a limited release on RED VINYL! How cool is that?

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