Thursday, 4 March 2010

Pocket Satellite-Toy Train EP

With London Popfest ( maybe i should have wrote about that, but i find booze and reviews are a bad mix. But a for balanced overview check Sam's overview here- or have a wade through here- ) leaving me with a head like a cave containing a Napalm Death sound check and body that feels weaker than old man Steptoe, can we all thank goodness for the soothing comfort blanket of Pocket Satellite's Toy Train EP?

Folky without being whimsy, overly twee or 'celtic', PS recall Monkey Swallows the Universe, Zooey van Gooey or maybe even a dreamier Noah and the Whale. Strings hum merrily, banjos pluck agreeably, xylophones chime with smiles and the softly robust voice of Maya fall together to leave a blanket of snow pure sound. I probably make it sound a bit whimsy and mittens, but its not. Imagine THE perfect band to open the last day of a festival, when your liver screams for mercy and you bones ache, and you brain demands something to dream to. This lot are perfect. Imagine the aural equivalent of have an ice cream in one hand and a pint of Guinness in the other.

Lead track 'Rocks in Shoes' is an attack on your cynicism, a sway of song with subtle harmonies and a quietly catchy melody that gingerly livens up towards the end, like a gingerbread man Arcade Fire. Gorgeous.
'We Chased Soldiers' is a rich little number that hints with HUGE hand gestures the potential of this little band. Its very humbly ambitious (especially in the last verse that gives sweeping a good name) and could be the one that sends punters to the merchandise stall to buy the CD.
The title track is dreamy little love letter the joy of travel. Again, the melody is feather soft and super subtle, but it will get you in the end.

The EP is available from here- or via the band myspace (where its a bit cheaper) at

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