Monday, 22 February 2010

Orange Juice

Ah, Orange Juice. Being a slightly naive lad from the Shires, it took me ages to properly get into Orange Juice. I first heard them via 'Rip it Up' via an indie disco, and despite the track being brilliant (and fitting in sweetly with the current 80's pop vogue), its a pretty bad place to start to get in to the band.

I was expecting to research their back catalogue and discover a dozen or so mini 'Rip it Up's. What i discovered was a sound alien to the instant and charty Rip It Up, and was a bit lost by the strange, sparse production and the lyrics blurred by the odd vocal.
Luckily, however, i grew up a bit. Like one of those magic eye picture things, the more i focused on the music the more i got out of it.

The guitar jangle, drum rattle, and throbby bass became like trusted friends. And after deeper listening, how the hell did i miss lyrics like "The late bus is leaving/From he lonely station/So grab your silk stockings/And your Dance invitation"(Intuition told me) and "Have a wonderful birthday, dear/It only comes but once a year/I'll spoil your party with a punky sneer" (Louise, Louise)?
When you hear Edwyn sing "I'll never be man enough for you, it makes you wonder how the hell we got to the slack jaw and grazed knuckles of Oasis. Here are songs full of life, honesty, naivety, longing and wonder. Listening to music on the No.7 bus would never be the same again.

So if you're just getting into Edwyn, remember like jazzers will tell you, the best music is not always the most immediate. There is a wonderful new world to explore.

'Falling and laughing' download

'Blue Boy' download

'In a nutshell' download

'Consolation Prize' download

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