Friday, 19 February 2010


In the post below, i talked about good travel music and the need for a good song to stare out of a train window to. On the flip side of that, there is also sometimes a need for something calming, something to slow the pace of your heart but but something that still inspires. Something to stare out of your bedroom window to.

Birdie where born when Paul Kelly and ex Dolly Mixture Debsey Wykes met whilst recording with Saint Etienne. Their sound is classic british pop without being Britpop, calm without being Chill-out (whatever that is).
Its chamber pop with nods to Bacharach, french pop, and down tempo soul. The mix is a really pleasing, hangover curing, hip-sway along sound (just check out the soothing 'Walk on By' brass on 'Dusty Morning')
. But their card-up-the-sleeve is feather light-subtle hooks that will have you sighing along to the words in no time. Dansette and match.

The following downloads and video are form their debut album 'Some Dusty' and should give an idea to their understated and underrated music.

Let her go-


Dusty Morning-


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  3. i absolutely adore this band! debsey & paul are brilliant! i listen to "some dusty" on repeat more often than not. "laugh," "dusty morning," "let her go," "folk singer" & "blue dress" are my favourite tracks, but the whole album is tops! it's just got such a great retro groove. "triple echo" & "reverb deluxe" ain't too shabby either! :D x, ronnie