Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Exhibition

A Yorkshire-and-proud four piece, The Exhibition have released a free download of their latest 4 track demo. The EP precedes a 7" single, hopefully released around June time on Of National Importance records. And a surprisingly refreshing release it is too.

I say surprising, because by reading other reviews i thought the may be shoe-gaze-y and day dreamy, nothing wrong with that of course. But the description could not have been further from the truth.
The Exhibition's songs of fire and skill show an almost Mod intensity and passion. Tight, taught guitars inter-knit with each other in front of super crisp drums that often spill into furious fills.
Alex out of Artic Monkeys sings like he wants to get laid, Ricky out Kaiser Chiefs sounds like hes singing for a Brit-award. Pete out of the Exhibition sings like his life depends on it. Their sound is focused, organic and true.

For my money, the best track on the EP is 'Bright New Worlds',it really is an absolute cracker. A furious wrestle of a song that's too anarchic to be an anthem, but still boasts a proper, proper chorus which seeps into you mind with out you even realising. Its a track that could put most debut singles to shame with its clear eyed statement of intent. Great stuff.

the EP can be downloaded free from here-



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