Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Awesomelies

Sometimes, writing a blog can pay absolute dividends. On occasion, you get something to review that's so bloody good you spend a week listening to it in sheer wonder of the lovable swoon-sass of the songs.

Formed in Athens, GA, The Awesomelies offer a bleepy, plink-plop pop that's never short of charm or sass. The boy and girl doing the boy-girl vocals are Becky and Ian, and with a brand of fizzy surfy pop EVEN I can dance to, you know they are on to a winner.

Their download album 'Make Way' is full of short, snappy little statements of intent.
The stand out track is the bratty, hook laden 'I object to your room'. Its clappy beats and organ strokes (ooh er missus) that seem to be machine made for swinging hips too. Marvelous.
Elsewhere, the prouder than proud 'We do all the best stuff' is as sneery and arrogant as cardigan wearing indiepop gets (ie not very). Imagine a one of those hip-hop bragging battles in library and you re half way there.
The relatively epic 'The Check deposit' is chanty ode to making tapes off the radio that somehow turns into an almost dance rap song that would sound simply brilliant on a long car journey.
'Grids of California' is probably that straightest pop song here, with lots of subtle hooks and a drop off ending that leaves you wanting more.

They seem to be have been sent purely to cheer us all up. WE ARE AWESOME they state on the prickly 'Like Youre Awesome'. And its really hard not agree.

The album in question can be listened to here, and downloaded via one of those Radiohead things where you can pay what you like. Go on, chuck a couple of quid in you tight sod.