Sunday, 3 January 2010

James Roberts-Everything you know is right

'Everything you know is right' is the first solo album by James Roberts, former member of Delta and The Sea Urchins,who most kids of a certain coolness would have found via the seminal (and seminal isn't too stronger word) 7" 'Pristine Christine'.

Its an album that has the feel of a man given a free reign, and as such doesn't always hit the target. The sub-Kasabian shuffle of 'If time was all', for example, probably sounded fantastic in the studio at 4am, but in the cold light comes across like the backing music to a Sunday league goal of the month competition.

When it hits, however, its a bulls-eye. The Lennon-y 'I knew' is acoustic wooziness at its best. Folk with an edge and with a chorus that has a hook that will bury itself in your head, its like Shack never happened.
'Its all made light' is a swirling carnival folk-pop monster that sounds like Doves taking on The Wonder Stuff.
The haunting, dusty 'Laughing Mostly' sounds like a long lost Acid-Scouse strum along. Perfect bath music
Epic closer 'The Way' should be sent round to Mr.N.Gallaghers house. THIS is how you do a sweeping number with more than a nod to The Beatles. Chiming and timeless.

Is 'Everything you know is right' pristine? No, its not without its faults, but its a private, often suprising LP and well worth further investigation. And you can get a copy for about £2 on Amazon.

'I knew'

'Laughing mostly'

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