Monday, 4 January 2010

Frank Blake-Dont let love pass you by

An absolutely wonderful curio for you today pop fans. Frank Blake was a short lived project from 1996 that consisted of one of brilldreams favourite song writers, Teenage Fancluber Norman Blake and former BMX bandit(and, at the time, future TFC member) Francis McDonald. Unsurprisingly for output from such thoroughly nice men, the output was hushed, relaxed and of good temper.

The pick of the bunch is B-side 'Don't let love pass you by', a McDonald penned little belter that takes the Byrds, The Beatles, Big Star and even Teenage Fanclub and makes a lush little pop stew. Released on Shoeshine Records, this is a proper old school 45, one which you can hum the melody half way through and sing the whole record after two listens. Pop perfection. It would sound perfect on a Dansette.

'Dont let love pass you by'-

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