Thursday, 10 December 2009

Holly, Ivy and mistletunes

Its here again, all garish decorations in that chav down the roads garden and awful, awful adverts. Oh Christmas how i deplore you(i may cheer up once ive actually done my Xmas shopping...)

Anyway, those lovely people at Something For The Longing have released a gorgeous little compilation of Xmas songs, covers, and winter tinged originals. Included is The Wentletraps gorgeously slight version of Lows 'Just like Christmas', Archaster's 'Away in a manger' that fits neatly somewhere between Edwyn Collins and Richard Hawley, the frosted frug of 'December' by Sugarspun, the C86/sha-la-la pleader 'Christmas(please come home)' by the ace Jealous Sea, the sweetly intimate 'Blue December' by That lingering feeling and an an aces version of 'Winter wonderland' Mary Ann Logue, which sounds like background music on a ZX Spectrum game.

The comp, with all the above and more, can be downloaded here-

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